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Home to over three million people with a larger population than 23 of our United States, it’s no wonder why Maricopa County has such a large amount of traffic! Through all the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to get caught up in the stress of driving. Unfortunately, with so many drivers on the road, there is a higher amount of Arizona traffic tickets given out. If you were one of the unlucky ones who received a moving traffic violation, don’t fret! Our Maricopa County Defensive Driving program has helped millions of people dismiss traffic citations and you are no different! Our quick and easy online program is the perfect way to dismiss your citation and get back to enjoying driving!

Maricopa County Defensive Driving Program Features

Why Choose Us

Our Maricopa County Defensive Driving program believes in a few things: Firstly, we believe in the easy and convenience of an Arizona traffic school. Just because you received a moving traffic violation doesn’t mean you have to suffer horrible consequences! With our program, everything will be done on your own time all from wherever you have Internet access. No longer do you have to sit in a classroom like you did back in high school and listen to a boring teacher. Not only does that waste time, but you it will also cost you in gas money! Our program is done completely online, so just relax on your favorite chair or couch and bring up our website; you can complete our course at anytime!

Secondly, we also believe in fantastic customer service. We know that taking a Maricopa County Defensive Driving course isn’t the most fun activity in the world, but we are here to ease your mind and make the process as painless as possible. We have live customer support available around the clock to accommodate your busy lifestyle. Our friendly staff members are well-trained when it comes to dismissing your Arizona traffic ticket and are here to answer your questions at any time day or night!

Thirdly, we believe in the safety of all who are on the roads. You want to keep your family safe, and so do we! Yes, our online Arizona traffic school course will dismiss your traffic violation, but the knowledge you will gain throughout will also teach you to be a better and safer defensive driver. Our online program will help you gain confidence in your driving and help keep our roadways safe!

Still not convinced? Here are other reasons why millions of drivers have chosen our company:

  • FREE copy of your completion certificate
  • UNLIMITED chances to pass your quizzes
  • Hints throughout the program to use as an answer key
  • FREE submission of your completion sent to your issuing courthouse
  • Multiple chances pass your final exam
  • And more!

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Approved Courts

When deciding on a Maricopa County Defensive Driving course for dismissal of your Arizona traffic ticket, you want to make sure the school is approved for your specific courthouse. Our online defensive driving class is approved by the Arizona Supreme Court for the following courthouses in Maricopa County:

Approved Maricopa County Courts

Maricopa County Defensive Driving Resources

Are you trying to find further information concerning your Arizona traffic ticket? With our online defensive driving course, we don’t just accommodate your want for the best online Maricopa County Defensive Driving program to dismiss your violation, we also provide you with government and state websites that give you all the information you are looking for!

Maricopa County Courthouses

Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD)

Arizona Supreme Court

Need Defensive Driving in Another County?

If you’ve received your traffic violation in a different Arizona county, don’t stress yourself out! Our online Arizona traffic school can still accommodate your needs. We are approved for all counties across the state! Click here to find your location today!

Getting Started

Enrolling in our online Maricopa County Defensive Driving program is simpler than you might think. All you need to do is Click Here and fill out the online enrollment form! Once all your information has been updated, our course is only just a few hours long. No DMV or court attendance needed. Just complete our entire online Arizona traffic school from anywhere with Internet access. Dismissing your moving traffic violation couldn’t be easier!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I get registered for defensive driving school in Arizona?

    All you need to do to get registered is fill out the registration either online or call in and we can fill it out for you. After the initial registration is completely filled out, you will need to send in a copy of your driver's license and a copy of your citation that way we can make sure you are eligible for online defensive driving. Our company will need to receive your documents before you will be able to start our online program.

  • When will I be able to get my defensive driving course certificate?

    After you complete the online program, you are able to print out your certificate of completion instantly! That means no more waiting for the mail. Don't worry about getting that certificate to the court either; we will take care of everything for you! The completion certificate you print out will just be for your own records.

  • What is the cost of traffic school?

    Every court and every county will have a different cost for the program. The cost for the online traffic course itself is $29.95 (one of the cheapest in the state!). On top of the course fee, you will have to pay the court diversion fee and the state fess to us as well, since you will be paying our school instead of the cost of your ticket. The state fees always remain the same: $20 for a standard state fee and $45 for the state surcharge fee, for a total of $65. After the course fee and the state fees is where the cost will differ. To find out the cost of your course with the court diversion fee included, you can visit our home page and go to our 'Program Fees' section.

  • How long is it going to take me to complete traffic school online?

    Not very long at all! It's a standard four (4) hour traffic school, but the course does not have to be completed all at once or in the same sitting. Once your user name and password have been established, you can log off and on as you choose at any time of the day; everything will be completed at your own pace on your own time!

  • More FAQs...

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